Annual sales campaign Freddy Friday held on 29.4.

In today’s ecommerce world, 24 hours lasting special sales have become familiar marketing campaigns. The biggest and most famous of course being Black Friday, a one day super sale hosted on the Friday after American Thanksgiving. Started as a sale campaign for retail stores to kick off the Christmas sale season, Black Friday has been adopted by retail and online stores all around the globe.

After Black Friday’s popularity, a special 24 hour sale was started for purely online stores – Cyber Monday. These combined with the rise of flash sale sites are a clear indication of the effectiveness of short time sales campaigns.

In the fashion business with spring time comes the new seasons line of clothing, leaving the gone seasons models often put up for sale. Having had great success online during Black Friday, SBE tried out having a spring time Freddy Friday sale first in the spring of 2014.

With online and social media promotions and a big existing customer database

the online event gained spectacular attendance the first time around. SBE’s servers couldn’t handle the traffic of thousands of customers coming to the site at once, but after the technical difficulties were fixed, sales of ten folds to a usual week were created.

Proven to be a concept that the customers found intriguing, Freddy Friday became a traditional SBE sales campaign, hosted every spring. This year Freddy Friday was held on 29.4. and again surpassed all previous campaigns with site visits growing over 50% to last year and sales growing respectively as well.


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