Fall season trainees start work, raise employee count by seven

SB Ecommerce has been in close co-operation with Lahti’s educational institutions right from the start. Home to a college and a commercial school, many students are in search of a trainee position every fall and spring in order to get invaluable experience in the business world.

Founders of SB Ecommerce Group being university graduates themselves, the supporting of young, enthusiastic people on their journey from students to the working world is seen as an important task in the company. The SBE trainee program has solidified it’s position in the company after seeing the mutual benefits play out in reality, and SBE will continue the program also in the future.

SB Ecommerce’s reputation as an energetic and youthful work environment

with opportunities to work at the cutting edge of online marketing and ecommerce has spread fast among students looking for trainee positions. Every season the number of trainee applicants has grown exponentially. The number of offered trainee positions has risen to seven this fall from the original three a few years ago.

This fall season’s trainees are majors in the areas of customer service, logistics and accounting. During the trainee period, all will get the opportunity to work on their specific areas in reality and gain invaluable insight to the practice of what schooling prepares them for in theory.

Trainees are being employed by SBE for the third year in a row this fall. One or more trainee has been hired every year after the trainee period has ended adding young, open-minded talent to our ever growing team of online experts.


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