SBE founds subsidiary to manage operations of Freddy in Germany

SB Ecommerce Group has to date been managing the online operations of the Italian sports and fitness brand Freddy in Finland and the Baltic for nearly two years.

Before SBE started working with the company, Freddy was an unknown brand in these countries. Freddy had gotten some individual orders to the countries through their Italian webstore, but no marketing or active sales had been pursued. Business in southern European countries was rising thanks to the patented WR.UP® technology gaining attention in fitness circles.

Seeing the growing potential in their product, Freddy was on a mission to spread throughout Europe. Simultaneously SB Ecommerce had noticed the product in foreign social media’s and saw it as a perfect fit to the business concept, which leverages social media and online marketing to generate ecommerce sales in brand specific online stores. The online sales and marketing rights were given to SB Ecommerce.

In under a year the sales of Freddy clothing in Finland grew exponentially

Through the online marketing mix deployed by SBE, Freddy’s local social media channels on Facebook and Instagram had reached a follower base of a hundred thousand. The WR.UP® pants were being featured in several tabloids, radio broadcasts and seen on tv shows, not to mention the online blog community, through which word spread fast after the initial penetration through key players by SB Ecommerce.

Finland having been by far the fastest growing market for Freddy in all of Europe, SB Ecommerce was asked in the summer of 2015 to deploy the same sales and marketing strategy in the German markets.

In August the sales rights for Freddy in Germany were assigned to SB Ecommerce. SBE has now found a subsidiary to manage the operations of Freddy in Germany, which will start immediately.

After initial investments, the expansion is forecasted to create significant profits in the nearby future for both parties.


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